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19 funny Sexual Euphemisms

It´s not everyday that someone asks you for a bit of summer cabbage! With over 400 ways to say it we’ve been in stitches compiling this list.

Here are some of our top picks – 19 of the funniest & downright strangest euphemisms for sex.

Deeper Love´s Top 19 Funny Sexual Euphemisms

  1. Fancy a bit of summer cabbage? Try it out, we dare you!
  2. Rather descriptive, ´Making the beast with 2 backs´ has been heard by most
  3. You´d be forgiven for thinking this was  a new Gaga song – to “Vulcanise the whoopee stick” – has us chuckling :)
  4. Rub Bacons. Enough said.
  5. Do a Dive in the Dark
  6. Don´t get known as the LOBSTER KETTLE ! This term refers to a woman who sleeps with all the soldiers coming in at port – she´d be said to be “making a lobster kettle” of herself.
  7. Dancing the goat’s jig. Cant get a picture of a dancing goat out of my head.
  8. Putting condensed milk on the waffle…
  9. While we´re on food, you could also head to the kitchen for a “Bit of Jam” ;)
  10. Dance the Mattress Jig.
  11. Feeling outdoorsy? How about “Giving someone a Green Gown”? This term specifically means to have sex in the grass, hills, fields… you get the picture.
  12. Have one’s corn ground.
  13. Whittling the love branch
  14. Pants-off dance-off
  15. Rather sweet, maybe even polite would be to “Make Feet For Children’s Stockings”
  16. Shaking Of The Sheets
  17. Doing the horizontal greased-weasel tango (lol!)
  18. Tooling in the Woods.
  19. Roasting the Broomstick.

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Compiled by Deeper Love.



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