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3 wonderful reasons to shop for sex toys online!

Shopping is fun, and often seeing things in the flesh is most appealing, yet what about when you´re buying something incredibly intimate?

Sadly the many seedy looking and dark windowed shops out there are hardly ever enticing – in fact they´re more likely to scare most potential customers away. Never mind that the thought of being spotted walking into one of these dark & dingies is not a thrilling thought for most.

If you´re echoing our sentiments here then you´re probably already a fan of shopping online for sex toys – and even if you´re not or if this is completely new to you, then we´re going to tell you why we believe it´s actually much nicer to do this sort of  sexy shopping online!

Do it when it suits you – and how you like!

1. For starters, you can do your sexy shopping at any time that´s convenient to you, and without anyone seeing what you’re buying. You´re completely anonymous and you can be shopping from home whilst in your PJ´s! We´re particularly fond of this benefit!

Get answers – review & research products with no judgement!

2. You can read online reviews and do your research whilst actually shopping – so no having to ask the strange man who won´t stop staring at you from at the counter how the Rampant Rabbit vibrator you´re interested in works ;) No blushing necessary!

Massive online choice – plus get the best price!

3. Selection and price comparisons are your friend! Shopping online means you have TONS of choice, as well as loads of opportunity to compare pricing between all the stores ! Double bonus yes?!

So what are you waiting for? Start your sexy shopping today!

With love, Deeper Love xx


Ps: Our top fave reason to shop for sex toys online?

It´s like receiving a gift from yourself when the package arrives ! 

Pss: Our second top fave reason to shop online ? You can do it with your partner!

The excitement of shopping for something so intimate will deepen your bond & keep your relationship revving! 


So actually, we´ve given you 5 great reasons to shop for sex toys online!

Have fun ! xx


Compiled by Deeper Love. Copyright.

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