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5 Fun Date Night ideas

By February 6, 2017Love & Sexual Health

With the colder weather approaching it’s getting all too tempting to stay indoors – perhaps even throughout winter – snuggled under blankets, in front of fires watching movies & reruns, so we’ve put together a fun list of  get out there ‘date night’ ideas to keep you from getting cabin fever this winter!

1. Have a Backwards date! 

Quite a simple & easy, yet fun date night, if you’d usually go see a movie then have dinner – reverse the evening, start with dessert, and proceed. To add even more fun, make it a ‘progressive’ date as well, and do each step of the date at a different venue!

2. Watch a Movie at a Drive in or Open air theatre

Go old school and watch a movie in your car together. Take snacks, Hot chocolate, cosy blankets & snuggle up!

Plenty of theatres and fun alternative movie night date night ideas exist in South Africa. In Cape Town, you’ll find The Granddaddy, which has a rooftop cinema with all the extra’s, and although the popular Velskoen Drive-In in JHB closed in 2012, there is still a Drive in at Menlyn Park.  If a rooftop or drive-in evening isn’t an option for you, then look up the local open-air theatres in your area. Most of them offer one off evenings and romantic extras.

Another simple but fun option – drive to a good spot, preferably with a good view, watch the sunset, followed by a movie played on your laptop or tablet in your car!

3. Try Geocaching 

Geocaching is a free real-world outdoor treasure hunt. Players try to locate hidden containers, called geocaches, using a smartphone or GPS and can then share their experiences online.Simply visit the site online – http://www.geocaching.com/ or download the online app, register & begin searching for Geocaches in your area! You’d be surprised at what you’ll find, and how many are right on your doorstep.  Think of it as a fun treasure hunting game with your partner – great for some interesting & totally unique quality time

4. Picnic Unusual…

Go on a random picnic! Pack a basket of your fave treats, warm blankets and head outdoors – even if only for the sunset.

Choose an unusual place like the roof of your house/garage, your own garden, a school or sports club field – let your imagination go wild!  The quirk factor of choosing an unusual spot will make it random, memorable and uniquely romantic. Date night winner for sure!

5. Get Cultural!  

Site-see your own city! Chances are, like most of us, you haven’t done this in a while right?

So visit the Planetarium for some star gazing, your local markets for a different dinner, or visit an art gallery, check out a Museum or the Aquarium & take pictures, be tourists, have fun – enjoy the city you live in together – you get the idea.


Got any fun date ideas? We’d love to hear them so feel free to share them!

Compiled by Deeper Love xx

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