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5 Sure fire ways to get in the mood!

By March 12, 2018Blog

So you’re not in the mood – or your partner isn’t ? With today’s pressures and stresses abound its easy to understand but it’s important to not let it always get in the way, or worse – to become  habit.

But have no fear, just take a look at the 5 suggestions below and try them out.  We’re pretty certain that sometimes all it will take is one of these to get you or your partner going!

1. De-stress together : whether you take a walk around the block, massage each other or enjoy a candlelit bath together. Studies show that stress can be a major inhibitor in our lives. Remove the day’s stresses, reconnect with each other and you will be much more inclined to enjoy some loving !

2. Minimize distractions… sounds easier said than done right? But do it, no excuses! Put that phone away, hide it if necessary, push that To Do list aside (really, it can wait) & generally just get rid of the distractions that get in the way of your loving. Switch off the TV and put on some of your favorite music instead. Follow this plan and you are sure to be dancing & then lazing in one another’s arms in no time…

3. Read your latest Naughty book – yes alone this will work too, but we want you to try it – out loud – & to your partner, this works best if you pick a particularly raunchy scene… perhaps you’ll end up re-enacting the scene together, or creating your own steamy chapter!

4. Make sexy a part of your EVERY day life – If you don’t feel sexy, you won’t want sex, so you have to tap into that side of yourself regularly. Beautiful lingerie, cheeky panties & fantasies are easy reminders to yourself that you’re a sensual being. Thinking of your sauciest moments can also just spark that flame again too.

5. Get some Zzzzzz’s – seriously though, it may seem like what we’re suggesting is counter productive, but a good sleep is sometimes all that you need. Set your alarm to gently wake you a few hours later or maybe just an hour earlier than usual, wake your honey up and have some sleepy, half dreamy, half awake fun.The memory of it will last all day (keeping you both in the mood for more loving again later), and you will fall asleep relaxed – knowing that you plan to wake your partner up with a naughty treat… & the real treat is that the thought alone will probably get you going !


Like our tips? Let us know! Share your own too – we’d love to hear from you!


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