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Alternative Bachelorette and Hen Party ideas

By September 10, 2017Blog, Light & Funny topics

One of the most common enquiries we receive – ideas for a Bachelorette party & interestingly, most ladies are now looking for “something different” from the traditional parties when it comes to their own, or planning a friends’ Bachelorette Party.

So because not every person (never mind Bride-to-be!) is the same we´ve scoured the net and combed through our own history to put together a comprehensive list of options and alternatives to the usual Tea, Champers (if you´re lucky like I was) & Cake, Gifts ceremony, followed by the debauch after party.

We´re not dismissing the traditional parties at all, my own hen night was a day & night to remember and it included variations of what one would call a traditional Hen party. It was also one of my happiest nights ever – I felt free, and knew my girls had my back – apparently I was a real ´Rock star´ who refused being put to bed. Yeah baby!

So without further ado, here are some fresh ideas for Bachelorette / Hen Party planning:

  • Have an old-school Sleepover party – everything from the bride to be´s fave rom-com, pyjamas, popcorn, wine and ice cream!
  • Paintball isn’t just for the boys! Get hold of your local spot and get your gang in there for some outrageous fun.
  • Got an adventurous bunch on your hands? Plan a Scavenger Hunt – whether it be all guests or just the Bachelorette who has to hunt – either way it can be tons of fun!
  • Take a Class as a group. Whether it´s a dance class or cooking class, the learning experience will be full of fun, happy memories.
  • Sing ! Find a Karaoke bar – the cheesier and louder the better, get the bride and party up to belt out a few hits and you´re bound to have a ripper of an evening.
  • Not a party animal on your hands? Why not host a Craft party for the bride to be – paint wine glasses, make wedding favours, add some cocktails, wine, finger foods or cupcakes and you´ve got a fun evening ahead!
  • Take a Road Trip. A quick getaway for a night or two with the gang is fast becoming a popular choice. Nothing says tons of laughter more than `Girls weekend´.
  • Live on the coast? Why not a sunset picnic on the beach? Go a step further and rent a boat for a cruise…
  • For the outdoorsy bachelorette go Camping! A night or two outdoors, with close girlfriends, stories around the campfire and snuggling in sleeping bags will give her memories to cherish.
  • If it´s summer time – look in your local papers and find a concert or festival and go as a group. Double points if it happens to be a festival or group the bachelorette is a fan of. J
  • Make it a day of giving. Volunteer at a homeless or animal shelter. In lieu of gifts, have everyone donate to the bride’s favourite charity!
  • Visit a Comedy club. The bride is sure to be a hit here and you can all enjoy an evening of entertainment to boot!
  • Pamper Time: suggest a day or weekend of pampering bliss at a local or getaway spa. The Bride will appreciate the stress-busting time and all guests attending will love the chance to pamper and beautify!
  • Live near vineyards at all? Arrange a Wine-tasting day! Hire a mini-bus & a driver – or rope one or two of the boyfriends and husbands in to be chauffeurs for the ladies and arrange a day of wine farm touring – we recommend doing not more than 2 – 3, one of which being where you enjoy lunch before returning home in the late afternoon. Make sure to buy a bottle of the bride´s favorite wine at each stop to enjoy with her partner.
  • A High Tea – either at someone’s home or at a hotel that offers afternoon tea. It can be a great excuse to get dressed up, and fun to sip tea and nibble on delicious cakes whilst opening presents. This also makes an excellent prelude to a sophisticated evening…

This list should leave you with at least one idea for your special friend, and if you have any suggestions, please add them in the comments below – we´d love to hear from you!

The best tip any Bride-to-be can receive when preparing for their own Hen or Bachelorette Party?

Just go with it.
Chances are you are surrounded by many of your most trusted, favourite girlfriends who will look after you – so you should be able to relax and leave your good time in their capable hands.

Need help with planning the special party? Give us a call, or pop us an email and we will help wherever we can!

With Love,
DL xx

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