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Common Bathmate FAQs

Whether you’ve bought one or are considering it still, there are a few common Bathmate queries we get on a regular basis.

Here we attempt to address them as best as possible for you, if you have any other queries at all though, please do not hesitate to contact us at : info@deeperlove.co.za


The most Common Bathmate FAQs:


1. Can I use my Bathmate only in the bath?

Your Bathmate can be used in the bath or shower! 


2. What is the warranty?

Every purchase has a 12 month warranty. 


3. Is my Bathmate washable?

The Bathmate is washable up to 80 degrees C. All parts that come into contact with yoru skin have been thoroughly tested and approved for safety.


4. What are the side effects? Can I harm myself using a Bathmate?

The use of a Bathmate has no negative side effects if used correctly. Over-pumping may lead to  a speckling effect on the penis, simply stop using and continue at a later stage according to prescribed guidelines. 


5. How long and how often can I use my Bathmate?

We suggest using your Bathmate for no more than 15-20 minutes per day, or better, every alternate day / every 2 days. Doctors recommend using it on a regular basis to maintain penile health. 


6. Do the results last?

Results are permanent after approx 6 weeks of correct use, we recommend you maintain your workout for best results and optimum penile health. 



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