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Fake Bathmates – what to look out for !

Where there are great products and brands there will always be counterfeits, replicas or fakes.

The Bathmate and Hydromax products are no exception.

But when it comes to a personal product like the Bathmate which is a penis enlargement device, its especially important you don´t buy the fake this time.


Because although they may look the same, they definitely do not work the same! They are generally made from unsafe materials and are inferior in production – often breaking before or within first uses.

Consider that the counterfeiters are deliberately trying to mislead you, they are not looking for long-term customers and building relationships, instead they want to make the sale and be done with you. They also know that a penis pump is a private & personal purchase, so most people wont complain publicly about their pump breaking. You don´t want a fake Bathmate.


So how do you protect yourself against purchasing a fake Bathmate or Hydromax Hydropump?

  1. First make sure the company you´re buying your product from is an official retailer of the official product in this instance the Bathmate brand and range. Or buy direct. Deeper Love is a proud stockist of the full Original & Official Bathmate and Hydromax Penis pump ranges.
  2. If the price is half price – believe me there´s probably a reason. Not only have they been found on big sites such as Ebay, they just as easily reach the hands of small retailers who in turn sell them on, thinking (perhaps) innocently that they scored a good deal (or were possibly ripped off by their supplier?) – only to discover later that they are selling fakes. Some of them will possibly tell you they bought LOTS of stock and this is why they can sell it so cheap… not true dear. The fact is with most brands like Bathmate, the wholesale & retail prices are set by the manufacturer. Meaning anyone who is selling it at half price is probably not getting it from the original manufacturer Why would a brand allow it´s product to be sold at an undervalued price? It would only diminish the value of their brand. Finally the cheaper sites might claim it´s old stock, maybe it is, but consider that you might then be getting old stock from at least five years ago or more. Finally, ask yourself this – why aren’t they sold out ? If they´re selling at half the price of everyone else then surely they’d have sold out ages ago? These are popular products people. Generally if it´s too good to be true, it probably is.
  3. Take heed of these visual and physical pointers relating to Bathmate products and counterfeits :
  • Approximately 70% of the knockoff pumps use a metal spring inside the valve area. With a shake – if you can hear it – that´s a fake in your hand. Not only will this spring rust, it’s also a dangerous sharp metal piece that could break through the top of the pump and cause serious injury. Genuine Bathmate products never use metal springs inside the valve tip.fake-bathmate
  • A counterfeit will have a thin, low quality plastic cylinder. Often with notable imperfections, sometimes with bubbling. Will smell like rubber. Probably wrapped in plastic wrap / cellophane.
  • Fakes generally have a rougher texture on the matte areas of the pump.
  • Fake bathmate pumps tend to break immediately, sometimes without even one functional pumping session.
  • Uneven vacuum pressure or pressure that doesn’t hold.
  • Messy glue / glue spatters where tube meets gaiter and parts / components.
  • Weak gaiters that wear out within weeks.
  • Often made with upside down ruler stickers or the measurement gauge will be printed on the plastic.

Your ORIGINAL Bathmate product will have the following features : 

  • Thick Hardened Plastic that is virtually unbreakable.
  • The matted texture is smooth, and not chalky.
  • Pressure is tested on every pump, and is safe and internally even.
  • Gaiters are thick soft rubber that lasts years. They do not smell like rubber and they are not toxic!
  • Original Bathmate have measurement stickers – it´s not printed on the tube directly.
  • Will be shipped in it´s own box, which is then slipped inside a plain discreet brown, unmarked second box.
  • You will receive a manual inside your box, not a little sheet of paper with instructions.

Here’s a video showing a fake or counterfeit Bathmate pump :

From how it was shipped – inside a DHL box without any kind of  box itself – to a direct comparison to an original Bathmate.  And although this video showing a fake Bathmate was created some time back in 2010, it is still a very useful and helpful video in spotting a fake one.

If you have bought a fake one, or one that you suspect is fake – get hold of the company you bought it from and let them know asap. We recently had a client discover he had purchased a fake – the seller claimed to have had no idea and refunded him immediately. Hopefully you will also be this lucky if this happens to you.

An appeal to you :

While Bathmate may have spent over $200K on patent and copyright protection globally, it is still vital for consumers to be aware. Bathmate cannot monitor them all, some counterfeits or fakes may slip through the cracks. So if you spot something that is not right please report it so that action can be taken.

Most importantly, please note that using a fake pump can be risky for various reasons – your safety being right at the top. Genuine and original Bathmate products undergo strict quality control to meet an exceptionally high quality standard for safety and efficiency for a reason.


Got a question? Feel free to send your comments and queries our way either in the comments below or contact us here.  Like this story? Share and let us know ! 

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Compiled by Deeper Love. Copyright 2015


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