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Get out of the bedroom!

By January 14, 2018Love & Sexual Health

How to use the rest of your home for more awesome sex – by Deeper Love

Expanding your sexual experiences by having sex outside of the bedroom can bring couples closer together, teaching you what does or doesn’t turn you or your partner on, which then in turn helps you & your partner feel more sexually empowered. Win-Win! We like!

This weekend we urge you to think outside of the bedroom to spice things up a bit, you needn´t go far though – here are some of our fave alternative sexy places in & around the house. All you need is a partner & an opportune moment!

Got a Dining Room table? Grab your partner for a spontaneous missionary position session ON the table, or position yourselves so that she leans on the edge, lifting her legs up for him to hold. Tables also make for great oral play – she can lie on the table, whilst he sits on a chair between her legs …

Get hot in the Kitchen – with so many options it´s difficult to steer clear – try the floor for an experience with carnal lust, counter tops for fierce energetic, need you now sex & standings ex with the fridge door open – the coolness will excite and delight.

Bathroom antics abound! Who says the Shower is just for getting clean ! Hop into the shower with your partner and get a little dirty while you soap each other up!

Then there´s the glorious Bath – straddle him and hug him tightly with your legs as you rock your hips to orgasmic ecstasy.

Got Mirrors in the bathroom? Saucy! Try some steamy standing sex, have him enter you from behind and watch yourselves in the mirror.

The Couch isn’t just for watching TV – it´s a comfortable piece of furniture worthy of your loving! Straddle him, close up missionary, or use the couch to kneel on or lean against.

Feeling especially kinky? Try the Backyard – your patio, garden or similar – just make sure no one´s watching (although the thrilling thought of possibly getting caught will add to the excitement). Use the patio chairs and take a blanket to shield yourselves from nosy neighbours.

Where´s your fave place?
Got any suggestions for us? Share your comments below :)

Most of all – Have fun!
with love, DL xx
Compiled by Deeper Love – copyright

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