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Hen Party Planning Tips

By September 28, 2015Blog, Light & Funny topics

The planning of the Hen Party can be a whole lot of fun, but also stressful if its your first time :)

To help we´ve made a list of all the most important things to consider when putting one together – whether it’s a small shindig at the local pub, or a roaring weekend away with all the girls.

The task of planning usually falls on the shoulders of the Maid of honor, but she may delegate this to one, some or all of the bridesmaids too. Each situation is unique, but once this is clarified, things can begin.

Next step – determine when & where the party will be & who will be hosting it if it is in someone’s home. As a rule, the Brides hen party should never be scheduled for the night before the big day J and we suggest the latest date to be 2 to 3 days before the big day, with many preferring it a week to two weeks before the big day.

Deciding where it will be provides basis for the theme and further planning, if a place requires advance booking, now’s the time, and if people need to be given notice so that they are able to attend, then you afford yourself ample opportunity by having this stitched up asap!

Then the fun really begins, the actual planning!

Here are a few things to consider when planning for an epic Bachelorette Party:

  • Streamline the communications – whether this is through yourself or another chosen bridesmaid. Making one person the point of contact with bookings, suppliers and related is a great idea. It ensures no double work, and that communications are kept uncomplicated.
  • Decide on the kind of party and/or theme. Make sure you discuss this with fellow bridesmaids or close friends of the bride to ensure her interests are included here. If there are any activities – discuss too & make sure they are activities se would be comfortable with too.
  • The Guest list: make sure to get this from the Bride so as to ensure that all her guests are included.
  • Invitations: Handmade & printed ones are always divine, but email e-vites are popular too & handy for getting the details to the out-of-towners quickly. It´s cheaper too ;)
  • Consider Budgets: If guests will need to pay for anything (think contributions, tickets, meals and/or accommodation) they need to be made aware of this in advance, and it´s important to be considerate of everyone´s budgets. The Bride shouldn’t have to spend a dime but this does not mean anyone should be broke after the party either.
  • Timing and events of the day or night: outline the flow of the party proceedings – is it a day party, whole day that carries on into the night – or perhaps it´s a morning brunch? Whatever the plan, have a clear outline of it so there is no confusion.
  • Party Dress: decide in advance to wear matching colours, themes, wear special outfits or take along a few props that make it clear you are all part of a group. This adds a heap-load of fun to the party and makes the Bride feel exceptionally special.
  • Party Décor! Even if it´s at a restaurant or local bar, you can still take some party bling & décor with you! Even if it´s a bunch of balloons, flowers or some table confetti, every little detail counts and adds up to an awesome hen party. If it´s being held at someone’s home, make a plan of what décor you can use, make or borrow. This needn’t be a costly exercise – recycle and up cycle wherever you can ;)
  • Photos! Make sure there are camera/s available for the many many many photos o be taken. Arrange to borrow from your brother or friend if necessary, just make sure you can take loads of pictures for the Bride.
  • Token of thanks – for situations where the guests have made contributions to the evening, a small token of appreciation says thank you in a big way. This needn’t be expensive – a small chocolate with a note card will suffice. Remember it´s the thought that counts.
  • Keepsake for the Bride – think along the lines of a guestbook, cookbook or similar. I personally received a cookbook, wherein each of my guests (& even a few who couldn’t attend), had the opportunity to share a recipe of theirs. It was beautifully decorated and is a gift I will treasure forever.
  • Safety First -For parties where guests will be drinking, arranging transport home options is a big plus. Make sure there´s a taxi, family member or designated driver to get the Bride home too of course!


Now you have the gist of it all, we encourage you most of all to HAVE FUN on the day, if you followed our basic steps it´s sure to be a hoot and the Bride will love you for it.


Need help, have a question or query about a Hen party? Give us a call or drop us an email and we will help however we can!
got tips for us? Comment below, we´d love to hear from you :)


With Love, DL xx


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