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How to choose the right sex toy

By October 31, 2017Love & Sexual Health

With the ever expanding range of sex toys available on the market today, choosing a toy can be an incredibly daunting experience, not only for first time buyers – but even for our experienced toy shoppers!

Not surprisingly, sex toys today come in so many varied shapes and sizes that picking one can become a very daunting, somewhat frightening task indeed! We’ve put together a set of questions to ask yourself which should assist in your decision and ensure you go home with the best buy for your toy box!

Before choosing a toy, consider the following questions:

  • What colour/s do you like or have a preference for? Are there any colours you hate?
  • What sort of textures do you like? Soft, silky, smooth? Or rough, ribbed, and stimulating?
  • Are you new to toys and want something small and simple to begin with – or are you looking for something completely different to anything you have experienced before?
  • Do you know if you like G-spot stimulation?
  • Is a waterproof toy a must for you?
  • Do you want an all over massager? Or would you prefer a toy that either offers external only, or internal stimulation only?
  • Is the toy for your own personal use, or to use with your partner?
  • Do you prefer direct stimulation?
  • Do you want a toy with variable speeds and functions?
  • Do you want a toy that has a strong, medium or soft vibration?

After answering or assessing the above questions, you should have a better idea of what it is you are looking for, or at the very least what you definitely don’t want out of your toy, and you will probably find the decision is much easier to make.

Our last tip is more a word of caution, don’t be lured into buying a toy JUST because it’s the latest, greatest product – read product reviews, and always consider what it can do for you. Often the latest products (as with any industry) are the most expensive, and with the competition today, new products are arriving on the shelves almost weekly – so if in doubt, first go for a tried and tested style of toy, figure out what you and your partner enjoy and then expand your range!

Once you’ve made your choice, enjoy it!

Remember, if you need help at any point please do not hesitate to contact us at info@deeperlove.co.za – a professional consultant will get back to you within 24 hours to assist you with any query you have.

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