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Just for him – 14 March – Steak & BJ Day

It’s almost here – March the 14th – and you know what that means boys?!

Steak and BJ day !!!



The concept is simple – “Men work very hard to satisfy their lovers on Valentine’s Day, and given their ebullient dedication, Steak & BJ Day is a joyous opportunity to repay the favour” – marked as the 14th of March annually, the creators have this to say :

Rumps and Romps. Fillets and Fellatio. Sirloins and Sucking. Best. Day. Ever.


But is this just a fanciful day, or is there more to it than this?

The creators have put together a pleasing, informative site that gives you some important information – from the History of fellatio, to techniques and all packed with an opportunity to donate to charity. More on this later.


Some say it was invented by the Romans in 269AD and institutionalised through St Valentine’s cousin, Claudius Fellatio. Others suggest that when World War II ended in 1945, president Harry S. Truman had the FBI covertly spread the word to act as a “welcome home” for the troops. All we know, really, is that Steak and BJ Day is pretty damn awesome.

The overarching theory is one of “Man’s Valentine’s Day.” You know the drill. Every 14th of February men get the chance to display their fondness for a significant other by showering them with gifts, flowers, dinner, and many other romantic baubles. They rack their brains for that one special gift that will show their spouse that they truly care.

Well here’s a little secret: men feel a tad left out. They’re just too proud or too embarrassed to admit it.

March 14th henceforth became “Steak and Blowjob Day.” Simple, effective and self explanatory. No cards, no flowers, no special nights on the town; the name explains it all: just a steak and a BJ. That’s it.”

So that pretty much sums it up. Give your man a steak and  BJ this March the 14th, it’s the least we can do ;)
(and while you’re at it, you might like to know that April 14th, is international Cake & Cunnilingus Day!)

 Their site for more info : http://www.officialsteakandblowjobday.com/


Want to participate even more?Then how about donating to support boob awareness?


The creators of Steak & BJ Day are a charitable bunch and invite you to donate here :

“Steaks are awesome. BJs are incredible. Breast cancer sucks major balls. We therefore felt March 14th was chance to tackle all three. We’re giving you the opportunity to send a beautiful email invitation to your partner whilst giving a few bucks to charity.

In 2015 we’re supporting Coppafeel® – a charity formed to raise boob awareness, fight cancer and save lives. 1.7 million people a year are diagnosed with breast cancer, and who knows how many more are indirectly affected.

You can uppercut cancer by donating here.


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