Enlargers & Pumps

We at Deeper Love are proud to stock the full range of Official Bathmate & Hydromax Hydropumps.

But what is a penis pump it & how do they work?
A penis pump – air pumps or hydropumps – is an external penile rigidity device that using vacuum technology will enlarge, maintain and improve erection quality and duration through regular exercise of the penis.

In simple terms, penis pumps – air pumps & hydropumps – work by creating a vacuum that pulls and tugs at the tissue within your penis. This causes the tissue to gradually increase in size and mass.

Whilst tested penis enlargement pumps do boost your girth and slightly enhance your length, we want to urge you to be careful when choosing a pump and insist on only the best.
Poorly manufactured pumps can lead to injury of the tissue, something we´re certain you don´t want!
Thats why we at Deeper Love have chosen to support a brand that is not only a leader in the field & is a 100% safe throughly tested choice but one that also shows proven results, offers a money-back guarantee and has raving fans world-wide.

Of course, penis pumps may also serve other health related needs too, whereby it has been known for doctors to even prescribe penis vacuum pumps for patients that have difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection in the first place.

The following should be noted however:
As penis pumps – air & hydro – can cause sexual arousal with some users, with increased heart and respiration rates, persons should consult their doctor before using if you suffer any of the following: heart or lung disease, high blood pressure, stroke, epilepsy or convulsive disorder, genital-urinary disorder (e.g. kidney, bladder, testicular or penile problems), uncontrolled diabetes or if you take anti-coagulants, have sickle cell anaemia, bleeding disorders or leukaemia.

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