Swan Vibes

The multi-award winning Swan collection is the world’s first collection comprising of completely silicone covered products that offer end-to-end usage.

Swan offers versatility and limitless pleasure with separate speed controls and a seamless design. Intended for pleasure seekers, these specialty vibrators are truly astonishing masterpieces.

Rechargeable, waterproof, and 100% body safe silicone with super-charged all speed motors; Swan reveals that advanced sophistication is possible in intimate products.

Most of the Swan line has independent motors for greater pleasure and control. Our buttons are easy to use with “Press and Hold” technology. Simply press and hold the button down while the vibrations increase. Let go of the button at your desired level. Press and hold again to increase the power. A flashing LED light appears around the button indicating the power is increasing. A solid LED light indicates full power. Swan is a line for users who enjoy getting down to business. No gimmicks or useless pulsating functions. Users told us they want vibration and that is what Swan delivers.

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