Hydromax X40

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For users who need more space – 15% bigger than Hydromax X30, we bring you the very latest in hydropump technology – the Hydromax X40. Perfect for intermediate to experienced users, or beginners who are already on the larger side, the Hydromax X40 offers you everything the Hercules can, but features some impressive enhancements.

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Product Description

The Hydromax X40 helps you increase you penis size safely from the comfort of your own home. The Hydromax X40 is part of a bestselling range of penis enlargers & enhancers that are not only easy to use, safe for your body and manufactured to the highest quality specifications – but that actually work and are backed by an impressive money-back guarantee!

Perfect for intermediate to experienced users, the Hydromax X40 offers you everything the Hercules can, but features some impressive enhancements. And, like other Bathmate models, the X40 is designed for use in the bath or shower, so you can easily incorporate it into your daily routine. When following the exercise routine, just 60 days of repeated use will give amazing results, for longer and girthier erections, improved penile health and increased sexual confidence.

How do you know if the Hydromax X40 is the right fit for you?

The Hydromax X40 is ideally suited to men who have a penis measuring a maximum diameter of 2,2 inches / 5,6 cm and a maximum length of 8,5 inches / 21,5 cm when erect. If you are smaller than this, you can also consider the extremely popular Bathmate Hercules or the others in this series being the Hydromax X20 or Hydromax X30.

The features of the Hydromax X range include :

  • 35% more suction force than the original Bathmate Hercules
  • Achieved with the new bellows system, which is stronger & more durable, allowing the user to create a greater suction force with less effort. 
  • The addition of a new, soft seal comfort pad gives the user full support from the comfort ring at the base of the penis and testicle region. A revelation providing a tighter and more comfortable seal against the body, meaning less pumping and less loss of suction.
  • In addition, the Hydromax X range also features a full 360 degree rotation ability to give the user full visuals, and an inclined angle option for optimum comfort & efficiency.
  • The Super Flow Latch Valve is an additional feature which allows for easy, single hand filling (with water) – making the use and positioning that much easier for the user.
  • Nifty metric & imperial measurement gauge, plus the vacuum tube has some added texturing – making for better grip and control.

Colours available : The Hydromax X40 is available in clear, blue or red. (Subject to availability) All colours are transparent.

All the Bathmate Hydromax penis pumps are comfortable, safe and natural methods for enlarging your penis in the comfort & privacy of your own home. They all work with air or water – in the bath or shower.

Deeper Love is proud to be an official distributor of the Official Hydromax & Bathmate range.





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