Ora 2

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The oral sex stimulator that’s getting women excited around the world – innovative, sophisticated and sleek in design, the Ora 2 is the revamped second generation model of the worlds first sensual massager that mimics oral sex with fast flicks and swirling motions.

Now with a larger rotating nub sits beneath its smooth silicone skin, promising long seductive swirls and intense pulsations on and around the clitoris. This outstanding design is also USB-rechargeable and offers the option of applying SenseTouch™ technology through its 10 stimulation modes, where vibrations activate on contact with the skin.


Product Description

The Lelo Ora 2 – a sophisticated second generation oral sex stimulator for women. Following the success of it´s predecessor the Ora, the team at Lelo supercharged the original and give us the Ora 2 – not just pretty, it´s packed with additional features you´ll love.

One things for sure, if you were hesitant about buying the original, haven’t gotten around to it yet, or if this is all new to you, the ORA 2 might make a great new addition to your toy box.

Made of body safe materials and covered with silky, soft body-safe silicone, the Ora 2 has an easy to hold, ergonomic design, and is truly a one of a kind sensual massager offering women the same waves and sensations they’d enjoy during oral sex – from long seductive swirls to intense pulsations, there’s no doubt about it – the Ora 2 will make you tremble and quiver from sheer ecstasy.

Designed to be used externally – directly on and around the clitoris -the Ora 2 has a whopping 10 varied stimulation patterns to choose from and features pleasure patterns such as swirling circles and fast flicks – all whilst being able to control the intensity of the vibrations too. In addition, it also features a ‘turbo boost’ setting, which provides a 30% increase in power for a more Intense setting.

The Ora 2 is 100% waterproof, wireless and USB rechargeable with up to one hour of non-stop use.

Key Features of the Ora 2:

♥ Oral sex simulator for external stimulation, perfect for clitoral play.
♥ The only sensual massager that combines circular strokes, fast flicks and pulsing vibrations – award winning features!
♥ New INTENSE (turbo boost) mode for 30% more power instantly from the maximum setting.
♥ 10 adjustable stimulation patterns, mixing both rotations and vibrations for endless pleasure combinations.
♥ Waterproof, USB rechargeable & coated in body-safe silicone
♥ Full 1-year LELO warranty & 10 year quality guarantee

Colours : Midnight Blue, Black or Deep Rose (subject to availability)

Size: 75 x 43 x 80mm / 2.9 x 1.7 x 3”

As with all Lelo products, your box will also include a Satin storage pouch for your Ora 2.



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