Lilly Whip

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You’re in complete control of your pleasure… and theirs. Make torture a sweet and soft affair with the Lilly Whip – the perfect bondage whip to introduce to shy lovers.

The Lilly Whip is soft to the skin with satin tassels that caress with the gentlest of flicks.

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Product Description

The ultimate treat for lovers of Bijoux Indiscrets is the Lilly whip, a whip like no other – featuring soft tassels to caress and punish… for pure pleasure.  A vibrant fantasy game that wakes sensuality and causes no pain to your lover.

Featuring soft tassels for the faintest lick, or the delicious thwack of a small flogger – this whip is perfect for soft & sensual or heating things up when enacting your fave dominance & submission games. With a stay in place loop for your hand, the Lilly whip is comfortable to hold & use, plus it´s delicately & beautifully designed for your lady´s tastes.

Whether you love to spank or are just starting to add it to your repertoire, the Lilly whip is the perfect bondage inspired toy for your adventures in the boudoir.

  • Measure 15′ x 5′, Handle Measures 3′


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