Tenga Soft Tube Cup

R 479.00

The Tenga Soft tube cup is a unique, one size fits all, one time massager for men.

Perfect as a travel companion or as a  gift for your loved one, the sensations delivered are simply breathtaking.

Product Description

This Soft Tube Cup massager for men is unique in that it gives you complete control over the pressure on your shaft.

With a super soft interior & added features like the pleasure nubs at the rounded end, the Tenga Soft Tube sensations that you desire can be controlled by how tightly or lightly you grip the cup, allowing you to enjoy a varied sensation every time simply by adjusting your grip when stroking. Alternatively simply gripping, kneading and massaging will deliver a breathtaking experience. 

Tenga Soft Tube cup - technical inner

The Soft Tube cup is designed to fit most men comfortably, has lubricant included and a nifty air-hole which will allow you to control the air pressure within the cup itself. Experiment with covering the hole, to see how much of the intense sucking sensation you can take!

The internal canal has a diameter of 0.5 inches which stretches out and an insertable length of 5 inches which will accommodate most men comfortably.



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