Wanderlust – Dark Chocolate Box Set

R 530.00

This kit contains the very best sellers from the Bijoux Indiscrets Dark Chocolate range to take with on a weekend away or a romantic jaunt.

This combination of travel-sized cosmetics and sensual accessories are contained in a superbly beautiful gift box, discretely packaged & at an affordable price for an irresistible journey of pleasures.

Product Description

The Wanderlust Dark Chocolate Box Set by Bijoux Indiscrets is a travel size set of lovers cosmetics & accessories for anywhere & everywhere pleasure journeys! Brimming with seduction & delicious possibility, the aphrodisiac aroma of Dark chocolate ensures that this set not only heightens senses but has it all for a delicious, sensual discovery – at home or when you´re away for the weekend.

Containing the perfect selection of Bijoux´s Dark Chocolate scented top sellers, you will find a glorious selection of goodies in your box – a Dark Chocolate flavoured kissable massage oil, Silicone intimate massage gel, a Dark Chocolate (heat things up!) Warming massage gel, an Oral pleasure cold/hot effect lip gloss, sensual feather tickler and set of two satin handcuffs  – this set is perfectly complete and ready to go!


Key Features of your Goodies inside the Wanderlust Dark Chocolate Set: 

  • Dark Chocolate Kissable Massage oil : * Exquisite, edible chocolate massage oil with notes of selected citrus, ensuring a penetrating and invigorating massage.  Share and enjoy the experience of chocolate ecstasy. (10ml)
  • Silicone Intimate Massage gel : a silky, luxurious intimate gel for longtime play. (not suitable for use with silicone toys & latex condoms). (10ml)
  • Dark Chocolate Warming massage gel: * Turn up the heat in your next massage! Caress and blow to maximize the warming effect, and kiss every inch of skin to enjoy the delicious flavour. (10ml)
  • Oral pleasures cold/hot lip gloss: * Reach another dimension of oral sex with this hot and cold effect stimulating lip balm and make your mouth a real “door to pleasure.” Apply the lip gloss on your lips and leave it to work for a few seconds. Feel the volume effect & enhance it by rubbing. The mouth-to-skin contact increases the hot and cold effect and the sensations will overflow for you both until climax. Compatible with your most intimate areas. (5ml)
  • Feather Tickler : For delicious tickling, a soft & sultry feather tickler is included for all your tease-play fun.
  • Satin Handcuffs : 2 x 16inch satin soft black tie-ups for bondage play at it´s best.

(*100% natural Active Ingredients. 100% Vegan. 0% Parabens. Compatible with latex, Sugar free and Gluten free: suitable for diabetic and celiac.)


Beautifully presented in it´s own box, it also makes for a gorgeous gift – be it for your lover or a friend going on honeymoon!


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