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Safe sex toys for a healthy sex life

So you’re just sneaking a quick peak at what adult toys there are out there, when a sudden rush of blood to the brain (or perhaps other regions) sees you swipe your card. What was bought in haste is sure to give you and your partner hours of pleasure together. This wacky and wonderful gadget can put a great new spin on the same old sex life. But do you have any idea whether the toy you’ve just bought is safe?

Enter the discussion on safe sex toys …

While ‘Deeper Love’ can guarantee that all their sex toys are safe for intimate use, you’ll be shocked to learn that it’s the only South African based retailer who can say that. Sadly because there’s almost no regulation of the adult toy industry some manufacturers take shortcuts. Believe it or not, not everything marketed as a sex toy is safe for intimate use. If it says ‘for novelty use only’, technically it is not designed for intimate use. That’s merely a dodgy manufacturer’s loophole for avoiding responsibility, because they don’t have to back up claims on products that are for ‘novelty use’.

Aside from this, many adult toy manufacturers have been using potentially toxic substances for years. The chemicals that should raise the most eyebrows are those called phthalates (pronounced thalates). These are used to soften plastics made from PVC, so they can be found in various things you might come into contact with on a daily basis. Only, most of these – shower curtains, rubber duckies, cosmetics and the like – aren’t used internally like sex toys are. Intimate toys that contain phthalates can bring these chemicals in direct contact with your mucous membranes, a fast route into the bloodstream. Just to give you an idea, in 2005 the EU banned the use of phthalates in children’s toys and teething rings because research showed that the chemicals could be ingested when exposed to sensitive areas – like the mouth.

Exactly how dangerous phthalates are isn’t clear yet, but there’re growing health concerns about them. According to the Cancer Association of South Africa recent research shows that one particular phthalate can disturb among other things; glucose and insulin biochemistry, foetal development and hormone stress control. The association suggests that it can even affect genes that could lead to cancer.

Now before you panic and vow never to use sex toys again (that’d just be silly), there are safe products out there. It’s just up to you to know the difference before grabbing any tool of delight. Because many popular PVC adult toys are chemically softened with phthalates, the ones to steer clear of often have inviting descriptions like ‘jelly’, ‘rubber’ or ‘cyberskin’. Also, if you unwrap a toy and are overwhelmed by a plastic smell or it feels greasy beware.

The good news is that some savvy manufacturers have started making sex toys with safer materials. Elastomer is one such material, and makes for soft rubber-like toys but is PVC and phthalates free. It’s also hypoallergenic and durable. Silicon is another skin friendly non-toxic sex toy material. 100% Silicon products are also very hygienic because they’re not porous like many plastics – so there’s very little place for germs to hide.

If you’re still not sure how to tell if a product is safe or if the very thought of researching a sex toy online makes you cringe, you can always just rely on a retailer like ‘Deeper Love’ which gives the assurance that everything on their site is safe! You’ll have peace of mind that you’re igniting things between the sheets without flaring up any potential health hazards.

:) Happy & safe shopping with Deeper love !