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Shape up with Ami

By September 24, 2017Product info & How to's

Introducing the pleasurable way to tone your PC muscle with the use of pelvic floor weights.  Ami is Je Joue’s new progressive, three step ‘tease as you tone’ exercise set which will do just that and more.

The Ami ball system from Je Joue promises to shape you up in no time, with all the benefits of mix and match weights! (Ami comprises a sets of 3 differing weight Kegel love balls!)



Pleasurable, simple, and beneficial – the Ami set provides users with a simple way to tone and strengthen PC muscles – resulting stronger orgasms and much more. A progressive three-step set of soft, smooth pelvic weights, Ami allows you to train your PC muscle at your own pace and suits women of all ages and fitness levels.

Ami harnesses the power of three – a trinity of Kegel exercisers mean you can work your way through progressive weights to greater PC control, at your own pace. The three are :

Ami 1 : A large, soft and lightweight single ball, Ami 1 is the recommended starting point for new or returning Kegel exercisers.

Ami 2 : A medium-sized double ball that’s still soft yet slightly heavier, Ami 2 is the next step if you want more of a challenge.

Ami 3 : A small, hard and heavy double ball – this is the most advanced Ami for experienced users.

Easy to use and completely comfortable, you can try wearing Ami around the house at first, then venturing out wearing them for longer periods of time – no one will ever know!

Lube is your friend when it comes to kegel balls – make sure to apply water-based lubrication to help you easily insert Ami, then forget all about it!

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