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Smartwands – spa massage in home !

Move over classic and boring –  introducing Lelo’s Smartwands – the updated, more luxurious option for those seeking rechargeable, all over body massagers.

It’s important to note that some toys actually excel both in terms of sexual pleasure and neck and back massage – for example the  Hitachi style body massagers & now Lelo’s Smartwands.

Lelo’s Smartwands literally bring your spa massage experiences in home, offering you multiple benefits and uses.

The Smart Wand has broader appeal than the alternatives you might find on the market as it is a toy that will “grow” with the user’s preferences. Low vibrations for the beginner, all the way up to the big guns for serious vibrator aficionados.

A quick round up of the Lelo Smartwand’s features :

  • The toy utilizes Lelo’s patented SenseTouch technology. When the wand comes in contact with the body, the vibrations increase even more;
  • The Smart Wand is curved, which is more ergonomically friendly to a your body;
  • The Smart Wand is rechargeable. A full charge provides at least two hours of pleasure and makes it much easier to use with your partner or on travel;
  • You can choose from eight levels of vibrations and eight pulsating patterns. This toy has light enough vibrations for a first-time toy user or highly-sensitive woman. On the most intense level, though, this is an extremely powerful toy. The versatility in terms of pulsations also allow you to have a variety of options, depending on your mood, body and preference;
  • The Smart Wand is very quiet for a wand toy;
  • It’s 100% waterproof so you can bring it with you in the shower or bath; and
  • As with all Lelo products, it’s made of body-friendly materials and comes with a one-year warranty.

The Smart Wand is available in medium or large sizes.

The large Smart Wand is over a foot long, and the bulbous tip is approximately two inches in length. If you might be using the Smart Wand as a massager, I would purchase the large to allow you to easily reach more spots on your neck and back. If you’re only interested in the vibrating elements of the wand, the medium should work well.

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