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Some tips from the Deeper Love team on solo sex …

  • Use lubrication the first few times, this will make it easier – especially if you are a novice or beginner
  • Try different pressures, strokes, and speeds – not all women are the same! What works for you might not be something that works for another.
  • If you want to use vibrators, always use those that are safe for your body – ie : hypo-allergenic, safe and hygienic! Don’t share toys either!!!
  • Make some ‘me’ time – blow your friends and family off for a few hours, take the phone off the hook and set the mood with soft lighting, relaxing music, a glass of wine, your hottest lingerie and thigh-high boots, or soak in a bubble bath. Whatever gets you feeling sexy?
  • Your mind is your biggest sex organ – indulge it. Conjure up your favourite fantasy, dip into a book of erotic stories, phone your lover and describe what you’re doing, watch those sex scenes in your favourite movie or surf on-line – you get the picture. And if you don’t yet know what gets your pulse racing, explore until you find out.
  • Take a mirror and watch yourself as you explore your body. The female form is beautiful and each of us is unique – including our genitals. Take a really good look and appreciate the view. After all, that’s what your partner is seeing and loving.
  • Play around with different types of stimulation, concentrating on your clitoris while touching your breasts, inner thighs, outer and inner labia, vagina and anal bud.
  • Use your fingers, fist, or a vibrator.
  • A vibrator is one way that many women learn to bring themselves to orgasm quickly – and it doesn’t have to be big or resemble a penis. Most find that a pointed, powerful vibe on their clitoris takes them to “oh-my-gosh” ecstasy in a matter of minutes.
  • When you’re ready, communicate with your partner about what turns you on, and be open to exploring new sensations and techniques together to create an intimately loving, trusting relationship.

Have fun! with love from Deeper Love xx


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