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Some surprising but fun DIY Sex Toys you’ll find at home tonight!

By February 14, 2018Blog

Try these DIY sex toys, using simple household items you have around your place and you’ll no doubt be having a spiced up evening in no time with these playful suggestions. If you get a little creative you’ll quickly realize you already have plenty of naughty stuff at your fingertips. For those out there who are unsure of sex toys (or who’s partner’s are wary) – consider these fun tips and object use suggestions as a fun starting point!

Spoons, Ice & Frozen Grapes!

Chill metal spoons in the freezer for a couple of hours, and then glide them over each other’s skin. Place them against his lips, drag them down his throat and across his nipples and abs, swirl them over his genitals and inner thighs, all the way down to his toes. Do the same with ice cubes! If you’ve got grapes, pop some in the freezer and use them as you would ice and the spoons for a deliciously cold treat.

A Combs, Hairbrushes and Spatulas!

Who knew your everyday hairbrush had a sensual split-personality? Run a comb or a soft bristle brush over his butt cheeks, or use the flat side of your brush like a paddle. Not sure if you like a spot of spanking? Here’s your chance to experiment before you buy the Satin Spanking Paddle you’ve been eyeing out. A rubber or silicone spatula is also ideal for spanking because it’s soft and flexible.

A Feather Duster or Makeup Brush

If you have an unused duster about, use it to tickle each other’s skin. The ultra-light stroke is a tease, and is known to heighten one’s anticipation. If you’re over your household duster – get an Adult version Tease Feather Tickler at the Deeper Love shop.
Using a Makeup Brush, swirl the smooth, silky bristles over his body – or use it with chocolate body paint for a sweet treat for two! YUM!!


Made a fun play thing of your own?

Share your thoughts with us – the best tip this month will receive a Gift Voucher from Deeper Love !!

Have fun!


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