We at Deeper Love pride ourselves in maintaining a helpful, happy approach to every enquiry or booking we receive. Simply put, we love to make you happy. Here we share a few of the testimonials and praises (*blush*) that our customers have given us over the years …

♥ “Thank you for your efficient service Deeper Love!” – Jason

♥ ” I just appreciate that you take the time to respond in as much detail as you do, Tarryn – Thank you ” – Desiree

♥  ” I will definitely refer you and work with you in the future! ” Melissa

♥  “Thank you for the brilliant service.  I have to commend you on going out of your way for me. You are the best – Thanks again. ” Rasheel

♥ “Thank you for your feedback and assistance, its much appreciated! ” – Linda

♥ “Thank you very much for all the effort much appreciated!!!! ” – Johan

♥ ” Thanks so much Tarryn ! I know I contacted you last minute so grateful that you so helpful! ” – Amanda

♥ ” Thanks! I look forward to shopping with you guys again. It’s much simpler than dealing with exchange rates and international shipping. ” – Lawrence

♥ ” Thank you so much for all your trouble in getting it (my order) to me on time.  I really appreciate that.” – Sunet

♥ ” Hi Tarryn although we met so briefly, you probably know more about me intimately than most and so I feel it apt to wish you a great holiday and pleasant memories in the making. I am sure you will hear from me in the next year in search of new and stimulating products.Very warm regards. ” – Dave

♥ ” Would just like to say thank-you so much for the outstanding demo. It was the highlight of the evening and very informative! Carla was awesome! I will def recommend your services to all my friends and will comment online about my experience. ” – Michelle

♥ “I just want to thank you again for Saturday, the party was absolutely stunning and so were you. The way you fitted in and made everyone feel comfortable and relaxed was amazing. And very educational. The girls all loved it. Thanks again and I will definitely make use of your services again in future. ” – Adele

♥ ” You are a *star*! Its not everyone that goes out of their way like you have!” – Michelle

♥ “Thanks for all your help with our party, much appreciated.” – Kelly