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The Lelo Ora 2 – the revamped Ora!

Did you know that the  first ORA™ became the first ever pleasure product to win the Cannes Lions Award for design?

A mighty achievement that most brands would have been satisfied with – but not luxury brand Lelo, they got straight to work on making this award winning pleasure product even better. Enter the Ora 2.

Now if you held back on buying the original Ora, or have just discovered it for the first time then we´re here to tell you why it´s a successor is a worthy addition to your toy box. A sensual massager that mimics oral sex with fast flicks and swirling motions, the completely redesigned and enhanced the Ora 2 is sure to impress.

So what’s new in ORA™ 2? There are a couple of significant changes you might like to know about.

Unique SenseTouch™ Technology

Sensors in the surface detect contact and increase the intensity of the vibrations and swirling tongue accordingly. The result is not only incredibly pleasurable, but practical too: since the power decreases when ORA™ 2 is not in contact with your body, it saves energy and allows the vibrating pleasure to live far longer. The power of this technology has been ramped up on the Ora 2, providing more pressure, more vibration and generally a more intense experience on both the clit and labia. Perfect for really indulgent pleasure! 

New larger ‘Tongue’ or ´nub´

Lelo have redesigned and upgraded the ‘tongue’ in ORA™ 2. In the original model, released early in 2014, it was very subtle, very discreet. The movements under the surface of the soft silicone were quite gentle. In the ORA™ 2 Lelo have widened the tongue’s tip and made it more prominent so that it offers pleasure to a broader area.

The old saying, “size makes a difference,” applies here and the little nub that moves and swirls under its silicone skin sphere, like the tip of a tongue, got bigger – way bigger!

See for yourself :



The Ora 2 also features ten stimulation modes, plus you can vary the intensity for each mode by using the  easy touch ‘+’ and ‘–’ buttons. These patterns offer both vibration plus swirling (including full and half-swirls), and also just swirling and flicking on its own without the vibration effect for a close to the real thing oral sex experience!

ORA™ 2 is the world’s most intelligent oral sex simulator, offering a thrilling, teasing, better-than-real sensation of oral sex that will have you coming back for more each and every time.Get yours direct from Deeper Love with free overnight, to your door delivery. Simply click here. 

Watch the video below to see How the Lelo Ora 2 works :

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