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Whats your frisky time ?

By November 27, 2017Light & Funny topics

What’s the best time of day to have sex do you suppose?

First thing in the morning or late at night when you’re through with all of your responsibilities for the day?

Even when taking into account that sexologists have long noticed that sexual satisfaction varies greatly depending on the time people have sex during the day, you’ll see from the stats and research gathered, it’s pretty inconclusive.

Some argue early morning is your absolute best time because upon waking, your body produces a surge in sex hormones and a rush of adrenalin to get you going in the morning. “You’ll both be rested, with heightened senses. As you’re still waking up, you tend to be more responsive,” says sex therapist Suzie Hayman.  Your energy and hormone levels are at their peak in the morning, & if you’re trying for a baby, a man’s sperm count is higher now too.

Skip to the afternoon and some interesting preferences appear. Women are less likely to enjoy love-making late afternoon and may be more inclined to enjoy a bit of S&M, whilst he’d prefer a quickie around the same time of day to release stress and energy build up from the day.

Early evening, he’s least interested in sex, whilst a woman then reaches a love-making, slow & sensual peak. Perhaps start the evening’s foreplay by running a bubble bath and offering a sensual massage…

Skip to after dinner and studies have shown women will be more inclined for experimentation whilst men are most inclined to be all about their partner’s needs at this time. Awesome right?


Our verdict?

No time is a bad time depending on your mood, it seems you need to just grab your partner when the time that best suits you strikes!

Although we think starting your day with an ‘O’ is a sure fire way to ensure a great day ahead ;)

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